General conditions

An appointment will be fixed at your home for a first contact. It is important that a truthful relationship is created between you, your companions and Animo-services. During this first contact we will decide together of the service desired.

The dogs and cats must have their vaccinations updated. Furthermore, the dogs must be treated against flies and ticks and have a microchip.

For walks the dogs must have friendly and no dangerous behavior. Only neutered dogs are accepted. Animo-services reserve the right to refuse the service if those conditions are not filled.

A form will be established for all new clients and signed by the owner.

The settlements are to be paid in cash at the beginning of the service or by payment form if agreed. Credit cards are not accepted.

In case of emergency during the service, Animo-Services agrees to immediately notify the owner and carry the animal to his regular veterinarian or, if not possible, to the on call veterinarian.

The medical care and drugs are administrated by Animo-services under veterinarian's prescription or under the owner's entire responsibility.

All purchased made by Animo-services for pets are reimbursed by the owner on presentation of receipts.

The prices are subject to change anytime.


Animo-services agree to :

Comply with the conditions mentioned above.

Guarantee the confidentiality of the owner's identity as well as other information about the services.

Guarantee the best care to entrusted animals.

Take all necessary care to ensure everything goes well.

Animo-services is insured in professional liability.