Animo-services is coming at home to pick up your dog to go for a walk in the neighborhood, the woods, fields or lake.
He may run, play, and have fun during an hour or 30 minutes, as you like.
After the walk, Animo-services bring him home and make sure he has everything he needs until your return.

Home services (zone 1 only) (momentarely suspended)

While you are away, Animo-services is coming to your home to look after your cats, rodents, birds, fishes or others. It allows them to stay in their environment, without any stress and in keeping their habits.
Animo-services will make sure of the good health of your companions, will give them the necessary care and take time to pet and play with them.
If you like, Animo-services will send you sms, mail or picture to assure you that everything is going well with your pets.
Animo-services can also collect your mail or watering plants.

Transport services (upon availability)

If you cannot take your companions to the veterinarian or somewhere else, or if you are busy, Animo-services can drive them where you want to.

Delivery services (upon availability)

You also have the opportunity to have a home delivery service for all the equipment or food for your pets.
Animo-services can make the supply in food, litter, straw, hay or accessories in a shop nearby and will deliver it directly to your home.